Garrett MacDonald

Ski fast and take chances.

Bozeman, MT


Hi, I'm Garrett. I consider myself extremely ambitious, and historically lucky when it comes to business ventures. My current objective in life is to better society, through whatever means necessary. I thoroughly enjoy innovating, and working on, projects that will somehow positively affect people. I aim to always be an employer -- never and employee.


  1. Founder and CEO

    Cognitive Mining
    March 2012 - April 2014
    • I built the company from the ground up, starting with a typical sixteen year old budget of $40, I've grown the company to the extent of having a net worth of over $700,000 USD.
    • Publicly traded on the Global Bitcoin Stock Exchange (This exchange then closed down, and we the move to two others)
    • In March of 2012 my IPO sold out within 3 days, initially raising 2500 bitcoins, which at the time was just over $12,000 USD.
    • Cognitive is recognized for being the most transparent, shareholder-friendly, and efficient mining company.
    • Some have tried to clone the business model and inherently the success of Cognitive, and none have come close to matching it.
  2. Bitcoin Subprojects

    • Bitcoin Mining Bond Issuance Company -- Synergy Mining
    • Bitcoin Dispenser
    • Bitcoin Mining Pool Development
    • Arbitrage. Lots and lots of arbitrage. The bitcoin markets are extremely volatile.
  3. Learning the Ropes

    AMI Machining, Inc.
    June 2009 - December 2012
    Hayden, ID
  4. As soon as I was of age (14), my neighbor John Grimm hired me to work in his extremely high-tech die making shop, AMI Machining, where I operated various electron discharge machines.

    • Learned much about miscellaneous types of metals and how to cut them down to the hundred thousandth of an inch using electron discharge machining technologies.
    • Performed miscellaneous tasks, varying from petty chores to managing network infrastructure to operating million dollar operations where one wrong keystroke can disable a machine for months.



  1. Cryptography, High School G.E.

    Stanford Online
    August 2012 -October 2012
    • Introduction to Cryptography
    • Cryptography II
  1. Coeur d' Alene High School
    September 2009 -June 2013
    Coeur d' Alene, ID
    • FIRST Robotics: Innovator and Lead Programmer
    • Crew/Rowing: Four year varsity letterman and three year captain
    • Senior thesis: The Controversy of Automated Intelligence

Relevant Skills

  • Business Management
  • Linux Familiarity
  • Public Relations
  • Electronics
  • Technology in General
  • Programming
  • Computer Science
  • Leadership
  • Server Maintenece


applicable knowledge and experience gain, hardware and software, communication methods and technology, civil rights defense, actively opposing and combating censorship, flight, film, photograpy, skiing, travel, economics, gadgets, and quite a bit more.