Garrett MacDonald

Ski fast and take chances.

Bozeman, MT



Hi, I'm Garrett. I consider myself extremely ambitious, and historically lucky when it comes to business ventures. My current objective in life is to better society, through whatever means necessary. I thoroughly enjoy innovating, and working on, projects that will somehow positively affect people. I aim to always be an employer -- however, if a position I am passionate about arises it will certainly take priority!


  1. Founder & Director

    Gary Foundation
    October 2014 - Present
    • The Gary Foundation has been a dream of mine for years, and now I have finally made it a reality. Chrondosarcoma, a rare cancer of the bone, took my father when I was seven years old. I refuse to let his death hault his good doing and great positivity and kindness toward others.
    • Primarily providing research grants to groups focused on Chrondosarcoma, the Gary Foundation aims to improve the well being of those affected by cancer and their families.
    • All directors of the Gary Foundation have agreed to recieve no compensation for their efforts, ensuring maximum efficiency in acheiving our mission.
  2. Executive Director

    Cognitive Inc.
    March 2014 - Present
    • Cognitive Inc. provides a variety of services in the Cryptocurrency industry, ranging from ASIC computer design to trading various currencies based on the blockchain technology.
  3. Founder & CEO

    Cognitive Mining LLC
    March 2012 - April 2014
    • I built the company from the ground up, starting with a typical sixteen year old budget of $40, I've grown the company to the extent of having a net worth of over $700,000 USD.
    • Publicly traded on the Global Bitcoin Stock Exchange, Bitcoin Trading Corp., and Havelock Investments.
    • In March of 2012 my IPO sold out within 3 days, initially raising 2500 bitcoins, which at the time was just over $12,000 USD.
    • Cognitive is recognized for being the most transparent, shareholder-friendly, and efficient mining company.
    • Some have tried to clone the business model and inherently the success of Cognitive, and none have come close to matching it.
  4. Bitcoin Subprojects

    • Bitcoin Mining Bond Issuance Company -- Synergy Mining
    • Bitcoin Dispenser
    • Bitcoin Mining Pool Development
    • Arbitrage. Lots and lots of arbitrage. The bitcoin markets are extremely volatile.
  5. Learning the Ropes

    AMI Machining, Inc.
    June 2009 - December 2012
    Hayden, ID
  6. As soon as I was of age (14), my neighbor John Grimm hired me to work in his extremely high-tech die making shop, AMI Machining, where I operated various electron discharge machines.

    • Learned much about miscellaneous types of metals and how to cut them down to the hundred thousandth of an inch using electron discharge machining technologies.
    • Performed miscellaneous tasks, varying from petty chores to managing network infrastructure to operating million dollar machinery where one wrong keystroke can disable a machine for months.



  1. Cryptography, High School G.E., University

  2. Montana State University
    September 2013 -January 2014
    Bozeman, MT
    • Philosophy
    • Honors College Member
    • Computer Science
    • Aviation
  3. Stanford Online
    August 2012 -October 2012
    • Introduction to Cryptography
    • Cryptography II
  1. Coeur d' Alene High School
    September 2009 -June 2013
    Coeur d' Alene, ID
    • FIRST Robotics: Innovator and Lead Programmer
    • Crew/Rowing: Four year varsity letterman and three year captain
    • Senior thesis: The Controversy of Automated Intelligence

Relevant Skills

  • Business Management
  • Linux Familiarity
  • Public Relations
  • Finance
  • Electronics
  • Technology in General
  • Programming
  • Currency Trading
  • Computer Science
  • Leadership
  • Computer Design
  • Cryptocurrency


applicable knowledge and experience gain, hardware and software, communication methods and technology, civil rights defense, actively opposing and combating censorship, flight, film, photograpy, skiing, travel, economics, gadgets, and quite a bit more.